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2d & 3d animation – 2d animation and 3d animation

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Welcome to the world of 2D and 3D animation! In this article, we will explore the exciting possibilities that animation offers and how it can captivate, engage, and sell on the internet. With the power of animation, you can create attention-grabbing professional videos in just minutes. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business owner, animation can help you boost your online presence, attract more leads, and increase your sales.

2d & 3d animation - 2d animation
2D & 3D Animation, Explainer, Doodle Sketch, Shorts & Motion Videos

Why Animation Matters

In today’s digital age, video has become the strongest and easiest way to convey messages and connect with audiences.

It is estimated that YouTube receives over 3 billion views a day, while Facebook video gets almost 2 billion views a day. With such a massive audience, leveraging the power of video is crucial for businesses in any niche.

Studies have shown that viewers retain up to 95% of key message information when they watch it in video form, compared to just 10% when reading text. This makes video the most effective way to communicate with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

Introducing Explaindio – The Ultimate Video App

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Explaindio is the only video app in the market that combines the power of WARP technology with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop content creator. With Explaindio, you can create a wide range of videos, including 2D and 3D animation, explainer videos, doodle sketch videos, full motion videos, and more.

The best part is that you don’t need any prior experience or technical skills to use Explaindio. It does all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on creating amazing video content.

The Coolest Case Study

Let’s take a look at a real-life case study to understand the impact of Explaindio. Angie Norris, a satisfied user of Explaindio, saved $2.5 million by using the app for her video marketing campaigns. She even won the TOP ClickFunnelsTM promo video award from Russell Brunson, along with the prestigious Viddy award. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Explaindio in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals and boost their sales.

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Explaindio’s WARP Technology

Explaindio stands out from other video apps in the market due to its proprietary WARP technology. This advanced technology allows you to combine animation, whiteboard sketch elements, and full-motion video into one powerful and attention-grabbing video. With Explaindio’s WARP technology, you can create videos like no other app can, making your content truly unique and engaging.

The Benefits of Explaindio Business Edition

Explaindio Business Edition is an all-in-one video content creator app that focuses on helping you create attention-grabbing, professional-looking videos in just minutes. Whether you are a freelancer, product creator, affiliate marketer, or business owner, Explaindio Business Edition can help you grow your online business and make money from selling videos and video services to clients. Here are some of the key benefits of using Explaindio Business Edition:

  1. No Experience Required
    One of the greatest advantages of Explaindio Business Edition is its user-friendly interface. You don’t need any prior experience or technical skills to create professional-quality videos. The software provides a simple drag-and-drop content creator, allowing you to customize your videos with your message and custom effects effortlessly.
  2. Wide Range of Video Styles
    Explaindio Business Edition offers a wide range of video styles to choose from, including doodle animation, 2D and 3D animated videos, explainer videos, full-motion videos, and more. This versatility enables you to create videos that suit your specific needs and help you achieve your marketing goals.
  3. Engage and Attract More Visitors
    Explaindio videos are designed to grab attention and engage viewers. They have the power to stop visitors as they scroll through their social media feeds and compel them to watch your video. By using Explaindio, you can attract more visitors to your website, increase your leads, and ultimately drive more sales.
  4. Get 100% Free Traffic
    Video content has the potential to generate a massive amount of organic traffic. By leveraging the power of Explaindio, you can create videos that tell compelling stories and promote your products or services effectively. With the right video content, you can attract more likes, shares, and engagement, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic.
  5. Charge Premium Prices for Your Services
    Explaindio Business Edition enables you to create professional-quality videos that are in high demand. Businesses are willing to pay top dollar for video services that help them promote their products and engage with their target audience. By offering video creation services using Explaindio, you can charge premium prices and increase your revenue significantly.
    How to Succeed with Explaindio Business Edition
    Now that you understand the benefits of Explaindio Business Edition, let’s discuss how you can succeed with this powerful video creation tool. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started
  6. Find Clients Who Need Video
    The first step is to identify potential clients who can benefit from video marketing. You can start by reaching out to businesses in your niche or freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Many businesses are looking for professional video creators to help them promote their products and services effectively.
  7. Create Compelling Videos
    Once you have found your clients, it’s time to create compelling videos using Explaindio. The software provides a vast library of pre-done animated scenes, doodle sketch images, fonts, background audio tracks, and more. You can customize these elements to create videos that align with your client’s brand and marketing goals.
  8. Charge Premium Prices
    As a video creator using Explaindio, you have the opportunity to charge premium prices for your services. Freelancers on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are already charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars for video creation gigs. With Explaindio Business Edition, you can position yourself as an expert in video creation and offer high-quality services that justify premium pricing.
  9. Scale Your Business
    As your business grows, you may find it challenging to handle all the video creation tasks by yourself. In that case, you can consider hiring virtual workers or building a team to assist you. Explaindio Business Edition allows you to have up to 5 users, making it easier to scale your operations and take on more clients.
    Explaindio Business Edition is the ultimate video creation tool that empowers you to create attention-grabbing, professional-quality videos in minutes. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business owner, Explaindio can help you boost your online presence, attract more leads, and increase your sales. By leveraging the power of animation, you can captivate your audience and tell compelling stories that drive results. So, why wait? Start using Explaindio Business Edition today and unlock the potential of video marketing for your business.

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